Too Old To Start Skateboarding?

I’ve had conversations with many people who’ve asked me “am I too old to start skateboarding?”. The short answer is no. You’re never to old to learn a new skill if you’re dedicated and genuinely want to learn. Skateboarding, in particular, falls on the more extreme side of the skill spectrum so it makes sense why people would think there’s an age limit to it but it’s no different to learning any other skill.

The older you get though, the less agile and more prone to injury you become, so if you’re getting into skateboarding as an “old” person, it would probably be best to know how seriously you’re planning on taking it. Firstly, in skateboarding (and pretty much most sports), “old” is actually pretty young. Take soccer for example – you’ll hardly (if ever) see a soccer player start his/her professional career at the age of 33 because that’s “old”. He/She is considered old because of various factors: lack of stamina, inability to recover from injuries quickly, aging joints and muscles etc. Because skateboarding is a more extreme sport, “old” is actually much younger but it really differs from person to person. Old could be 18 to me and 25 to you, it’s subjective.

Neal Unger, 63 year old skateboarder

If you’re asking “am I too old to start skateboarding?” chances are you’ve already passed the point of having a chance at going pro, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to roll around and get a couple of tricks in the bag. It’s really just about having fun with it and being persistent. If you skate often and with more experienced skateboarders, you’ll progress pretty quickly. One thing you should keep in mind is that injuries are inevitable in skateboarding so being an older skater might mean having to be a bit more cautious than a 16 year old that clears stair sets and handrails regularly. Rolling your ankle is probably the most common injury in skateboarding. I’m pretty sure every skateboarder has experienced it at least a couple of times in their life and it sucks, so watch your ankles haha.

All in all, if you’re interested in hopping onto a board, don’t let age be the defining factor. Visit your local skateshop, get yourself some gear and shred!!

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