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May 11th, 2010 was the last time EA released a skate game. That’s right, Skate 3 was realeased a decade ago and has been many people’s only (and favourite) skateboarding game. Ever since then, we’ve seen nothing but games like FIFA, Madden NFL and NBA by EA. But recently EA announced that a new skate game is in development and the fans of the Skate series are going crazy.

The news came from game director Deran Chung and creative director Chris Parry during EA Play Live 2020 on the 18th of June. After years of hashtags like “#Skate4” and “#MakeEASkateAgain”, accompanied by thousands of comments for a new skate game, it is finally happening. Not much information has been given at this point in time, not even an official name (although many have resorted to calling in Skate 4), just the fact that a new Skate game by EA is being developed.

Easy Day Studios will officially be releasing Skater XL on July 28th and Crea-ture Studios recently released the beta version of Session but haven’t announced an official release date yet. Both games have seemingly garnered a great response. Vicarious Visions will be adding to the Tony Hawk series by releasing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 in September this year.

With so much happening in the skate gaming world, it makes you wonder if EA really released this game because, as Parry said, “you commented this into existence”, or because they saw games like Skater XL get so much attention. EA monopolized the gaming sports industry a while ago so they probably wouldn’t want to lose that advantage to smaller companies. Regardless, EA is making a new skate game and we can’t wait. 2020 isn’t canceled anymore haha.

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